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Facts about Namibia

Location: Southern Africa, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean between Angola and South Africa.

Namibia is the second least densely populated country on earth, after Mongolia which is also a vast country, there are just over two million people living in Namibia.

Namibia has the largest free roaming Cheetah population on earth, estimated to be between 2500 – 3000. Lions and leopards are also indigenous cats in Namibia.

Population: 2.3 Million  and an annual population growth of about 3%.

Geographic Coordinates:


Elevation extremes:

Natural Resources: Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Magnesium, Copper, Uranium, Lithium, Zinc, Lead, Cadmium, Tin, Salt, dimension stones (granite. Marble. Blue Sodalite) and many semi-precious stones.

Used land:


Winter months, are typical mild to warm, but dawn temperatures may drop to freezing, therefore a warmer jacket and a long trousers are essential. Along the coast it can be very cold and windy, sometime foggy.

Summer months, Cotton clothes which is cooler then synthetic material is recommended for the Namibian summer and can be purchased in Safari shops in Windhoek. The rainy season lasts from October to April and the rest of the year is dry and cloudless. Namibia averages 300 days of sunshine a year.

Time Zones:

Summer Time: From the 1st Sunday in September to the 1st Sunday in April – two hour ahead of Greenwich (GMT)

Winter Time: From the 1st Sunday in April to the 1st Sunday in September – one hour ahead of Greenwich (GMT)

Travelling to Namibia

Packaging Suggestions:

You can expect hot, wet summers and cooler, dry winters in Namibia. Generally the days can be quite hot and the evenings and early mornings can be remarkably cool.


Should be limited to a maximum of 20 kg.
Only soft canvas bags or rucksacks are recommended, hard suitcases are not suitable.
Due to the dust conditions, we suggest you keep your camera equipment in dust proof bag.

Please note: We are strongly advice our guest against flying out on the day that your tour ends, unless you overnight at a lodge not so far from Windhoek. We generally travel long distances and late arrivals are common sometimes. Mannor Safaris will not be held responsible/accountable for missed flight in such cases.

Currency and Credit Cards:

The currency in Namibia is the Namibian dollars (N$) which is fixed to and equivalent to South African Rand (ZAR). The Namibian dollars and South African rand are the only legal tender in Namibia, however the Namibian dollars are not legal tender in South Africa. Traveller’s cheques and foreign currency can be exchange at any commercial banks throughout the country.

Credit Cards: International visa and master card credit cards are generally accepted throughout the country, holders of any other cards are advised to clarify with the commercial banks whether their card is accepted in Namibia.


It is compulsory for people travelling on our safaris and our clients must make sure that they are adequately insured. It is also important to know that should you need to make claim on your policy (medical expenses for example), it is most likely that you will personally have to pay any bills up front, at the time the service is provided. You will then have to make a claim against your insurance company when you get home. With this fact in mind we recommend to all our clients that they have enough funds available to cover any unexpected costs. The best way to do this is to carry a credit card with a sufficient credit limit.

Roads & Travelling into Namibia

Namibia has an excellent road network and very good paved roads considered to be one of the best in Africa. Some of the road are however rough and bumpy.

Speed limit

Immigration Law:

All visitors to Namibia must be in possession of a valid passport, please check well in advance before departure with your consulate or embassy about your entry and visa requirements. Tourist are granted a residence permit for 90 days.

Please note: it is the responsibility of clients to ensure that passport, visas and other travel documents are valid for the duration of their stay in Namibia. Mannor Safaris will entertain no complaints related to invalid documentation.

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